“I was diagosed with osteoporosis, in 2002, and was beginning to feel the effects of the disease. I was thrilled, therefor, to discover Mieke held classes for people with this disease. Even though I was a member on joining with other people, Mieke made me feel that I was attending on a "one-on-one" basis and that she inspired each one in the class to do one's best. She knows a lot about anatomy, so I learn why I am doing the exercises, not just how to do them. Mieke keeps the class light and fun and cares for my individual needs without depleting her attention to the other ladies' needs. I try not to miss a class unless something very urgent comes up. The class I attend is designed for those who require gentle strength, balance and coordination, and to improve the quality of life while reducing the risk of falls and fractures. Pender Island is very fortunate to have Mieke provide this manner of exercise. The quality of my life has improved as a result of Mieke's care and I am grateful to her for this blessing...I always say that Mieke has eyes in the back of her head, because she can tell when you are not doing an exercise correctly !!”
- Mary Adele Mulligan


“I first encountered Mieke when I was referred to her as the best person to help my lower back pain. Her "magic hands" eased the pain in two sessions. Later, when I heard that Mieke was introducing Pilates to Pender Island, I signed up for classes. STOTT PILATES has helped not only my back, but my overall strength. The classes are fun, but more importantly, Mieke makes sure that we do the exercises properly in order to maximize the effects. The exercises strengthen both mind, with concentration and attention, and body, with carefully structured movement.”
- Barbara Woollcombe


"I have recently been diagnosed with Osteoporosis and will receive the benefit of having participated in Mieke's Osteofit class, prior to receiving my diagnosis. Mieke keeps her classes small so that we all can learn in a safe and healthy way how to cope and develop strategies to deal with each individual's limits, and also to progress to a more healthy and active lifestyle. Her dedication and encouragement to overall good health is a real benefit to help prevent further deterioration of bones and health. She continually furthers her own education to pass the benefits on to us.

Mieke's long experience as a Physiotherapist ensures that all participants in her STOTT PILATES classes are assured of safe and individualized instruction to achieve the benefits of a more active and healthy lifestyle. Each person works at his/her own level of ability to progress in a safe and beneficial manner, achieving greater strength, mobility and agility. I have been a participant in Mieke's classes for the last 4 years and have realized better health because of her commitment and encouragement to overall good health for each person.

Mieke is an exceptional 'hands on' Physiotherapist who works with you to ensure that you recover from injury as quickly as possible without jeopardizing further injury and pain. She is thorough in her treatment and encouragement in each individual’s return to good health. Mieke is continually attending classes and seminars to pass on new ideas and training techniques to help us heal ourselves. We are very fortunate to have her expertise available on Pender Island."
- Joan Orlick


“STOTT PILATES with Mieke is not just an exercise program. Her experience as a physiotherapist and her knowledge of how the body injures and heals itself forms an important framework for our class sessions. I'm now completing my second year of classes. I learn something new every session. What's more, I see how much I have gained in flexibility and strength. Mieke's Pilates class makes me think that growing older can also mean getting "better".
- Kathy Curtis


“I just wanted to let you know than since I started STOTT PILATES in September my back is at least 200% better. I always thought that pain and aches were part of being fit. With Pilates, I now realize that you can get a stronger body without hurting. Nice! At first I was surprised that the workout was so gentle yet so efficient. Now I am looking forward to it. Thank you!”
- a client