Mieke Truijen

Registered physiotherapist (CPTBC #02963)


The Canadian Physiotherapy Association (since 1995)

The Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia (since 1992)

The College of Physiotherapists of British Columbia (since 1992)


Diploma of Physiotherapy, Netherlands 1983

Certificate of permission to practice under the professional description of a physiotherapist, Germany 1985

Canadian National Physiotherapy Exam, Canada 1993

Additional Education

Pediatric courses 1985-1990

Courses in sensory awareness, motor and neurodevelopment, Germany 1985-1990

General Practice Courses 1985-1991

Robin McKenzie Method, R. McKenzie, Netherlands 1985

Reiki, second degree in Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho, B. Scepan, Germany 1989

Advanced training courses in Orthopedic Medicine, Netherlands and Germany 1985-1986

Cranio-Sacral Therapy including Somato- Emotional Release, The Upledger Institute Europe, 1990-1991

Pediatric Courses in Canada 1992-1995

Special Education Technology

Behavioural Management

Lower Extremity Pathomechanics and Orthotics

Seating clinics and the International Seating Symposium

Lifting, Transfers and Body Mechanics

Geriatric Courses in Canada 1997-2007

Falls Prevention

Gait Evaluations

Balance in the Elderly

Dementia Care

Physiotherapy and Palliative Care

Positioning and Seating

Hip Fracture Symposium

Pain management

General Practice Courses 2000-current

Soft Tissue Release Techniques, Jim Bilotta, 2016


New Advances in Hip Rehabilitation, David Lindsay, 2014

Urban Poling Course for Rehabilitation and Wellness, Sue Colbourne, 2014

Chronic Pain Masterclass, Michael Sangster, 2014

STRETCH THERAPY the Monkey Gym, Kit Laughlin, 2012

Progressive Goal Attainment Program, Micheal Sullivan, 2011

iStretch Teacher Training, Kit Laughlin, 2010

STRETCH THERAPY Training Program, Kit Laughlin, 2010

Osteofit course, Women's Health Centre Vancouver 2009

Stretch Therapy, Kit Laughlin, Vancouver 2009

Vestibular Rehabilitation: A Practical Approach, Bernard Tonks, Parksville 2009

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, Nicole Acerra, Vancouver 2009

Vestibular Rehabilitation: an overview of vestibular pathology and management, Nicole Acerra, Vancouver 2009

Neuropathic Pain, Laurie Urban, 2009

Business Solutions Seminars, Erika Trimble, 2009

What You Don’t Know About Pain Can Hurt You: New Paradigm of Pain Management, Neil Pearson 2008

Virtual Symposium on Pain, Pain Science Division Canadian Physiotherapy Association 2008

Obesity, Chronic Diseases and Exercise Prescription, 2008

Myofascial Mobilization Techniques, J.F.Barnes 2007

Latest updates about joint replacements and rehabilitation 2007

Somatic Experiencing Method of Traumatic Resolution with the Foundation for Human Enrichment, Peter Levine 2007

Spinal Cord Injury Training, Project Walk USA 2007

Osteofit Instructor Training, BC Women's Health Centre 2007

Osteoporosis Training, Canada 2007

Women's Health Symposium, UBC 2006

Diagnosis and treatment of Movement Impairment Syndromes, S. Sahrmann 2005

Simple Contact, B. Dorko 2005

Musculoskeletal Integration of Neurodynamics, M. Shacklock 2005

Explain Pain, Neurodynamics, The Sensitive Nervous System, D. Butler 2004-2005

Hospice Palliative Care Training For Volunteers, Victoria Hospice 2002

Physiotherapist Assessment and Management of Rheumatic Diseases, Mary Pack Arthritis Program 2002

STOTT PILATES Instructor Training Mat and Reformer 2002

Health and Fitness Training, Balls, only Balls, JC Santana, UBC 2000

Osteoporosis Training, Canada 2000